January is a bit of a funny month – for some it’s the start of a new chapter and we feel energised and motivated to make change. For others, it’s slow and just generally difficult all round. January Blues are very real for a lot of people.

If you find January tricky, taking the time and necessary steps to look after yourself and practice self care during this period will make all the difference. Read on to find out how wellness can help beat the January Blues, and how to put this into practice…

Yoga and Meditation

A great way to reset your mindset and beat the January blues is to practice yoga and meditation daily. Daily practice brings calm to both the mind and body. It is a must if you’re feeling down, negative or stressed. Try practising 20 minutes of yoga. Follows this with 10 minutes of meditation each morning to start your day on a good foot.

Healthy Eating to Beat the January Blues

At this time of year it can be all too tempting to make yourself feel better with comfort food. The reality is, this will only make the situation worse. It will provide momentary comfort and endorphins, followed by lows and more cravings. Break this cycle and work towards feeling better everyday, by making healthy choices.

Switching from a carb and sugar rich diet to an all natural diet overnight can be challenging. And it is likely to only make you feel miserable in the short term. Instead of diving in head first, try to make a few healthy changes and improve your diet, such as switching toast for porridge and fruit in the morning and fizzy drinks for water.

Try to limit alcohol too as this acts as a depressant, making you feel low the day after indulging. Allow yourself small pleasures like a glass of wine on the weekend, but if you are feeling low try to avoid alcohol where possible.

For more info about healthy eating, head to one of our many blogs on the topic: Healthier Diet – 5 Simple Tips, Eat the Right Way. Diets Don’t Work – Fact, How to Pack a Health Lunch for Work, or How to Get More Fruit and Veg into your Diet – it’s something we’re very passionate about!

Fresh Air

It’s amazing what a difference getting out into the fresh air can make to your mindset. When we get stuck in a negative mood, it can be all too easy to just accept it and do nothing about it. A change of scene will work wonders! At the same time, the light exercise will help increase endorphins and the fresh air will help clear your mind.

Me Time

Wherever possible, take a little time to do something you enjoy. Take a bath, sit quietly and read, listen to music that makes you feel good, do something creative. This time of year isn’t about punishment or pushing yourself, instead it’s all about improving your mindset to set yourself up well for the year ahead.

For more support to help you and your staff beat the January blues, check out our range of wellbeing workshops.

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