Help employees to stay healthy by promoting good diet and nutrition
in the workplace


Our nutrition workshops focus on employee health and how eating the right food types can improve concentration and energy levels, keeping us alert and focused throughout the day.

From the basics of nutrition to specific subjects here are a selection of topics we cover:
• Nutrition and healthy eating for wellbeing
• Nutrition for stress management
• Women’s health, hormones and happiness
• Mens nutritional health and wellbeing
• Nutritional wellbeing for call centre and shift workers
• Nutrition and healthy ageing in the workplace

Fit woman eating healthy salad after workout
tasting tables


Ideal for wellbeing days or campaigns, these visual and interactive displays encourage healthy alternatives whilst our specialists are on hand to give nutritional advice. All we require is a suitable space and we’ll set up a table fully loaded with examples of healthy foods and tasting samples. Leaflets, posters and recipes reinforce the message whilst live demos show how easy it is to create healthy soups, smoothies, snacks and salads packed full of goodness.


Great for specific one to one advice on healthy eating, our drop in sessions give individuals the chance to talk through their nutritional questions and concerns with a trained workplace nutritionist. These sessions work particularly well as part of a wellbeing day, healthy eating campaign at work or in conjunction with a healthy eating workshop. Employees can booked appointments in advance or we can run drop in sessions for greater flexibility.

on site provisions


Followings a healthier diet and lifestyle can sometimes be challenging. When you’re running short on time or unable to leave the office, picking up a piece of fruit or a healthy snack may not be that easy. Replacing unhealthy snacks and drinks with healthy options to encourage healthy eating in the workplace is a great place to start. We can offer:

  • Healthy snack delivery, desk drops & fruit baskets
  • Specialist advice on introducing healthy provisions in the workplace
  • Healthy vending machine products
  • Smoothie bikes – a popular addition to any wellbeing day.  Make your own smoothie whilst pedalling your way to fitness

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