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nutrition for wellbeing
Nutrition for Wellbeing
This inspirational workshop focuses on how the food choices we make can impact our health and wellbeing. Choosing a well-balanced diet can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions with the added bonus of improving energy levels, boosting the immune system, lowering stress levels and controlling weight.
60 minutes
Desl yoga
Nutrition and Wellbeing to Support your Immune System
Building a strong immune system is really important for many of us right now. By keeping your immune system and body healthy, you can give it the best chance of fighting an infection. This workshop focuses on how a balanced diet, regular exercise and sleep can all help. We'll giving specific examples of foods that can boost immune function and ideas of how to incorporate them into your diet to make a real difference.
60 minutes
Food rich in omega 3 fatty acid and healthy fats. Healthy diet eating concept. top view
Managing Stress through Nutrition and Lifestyle
How we deal with stress is a choice. During times of stress we often turn to stimulants such as sugar, caffeine, and alcohol to "manage" stress. Instead, learn to take back control of stress by adopting a healthy lifestyle which includes eating food that help fight stress, types of exercise that help lower our stress hormones, how sleeping adequately and mindful exercises affect our reactions during stressful situations.
60 minutes
mental health and mindfulness
Introduction to Mindfulness
This introduction to mindfulness workshop seeks to fully explain what mindfulness is and how we can benefit from its practice. We explore its history, the science behind it and its relevance to a business setting before teaching practical techniques and applications of how mindfulness in the workplace can work for you.
60 minutes
mindful moments of gratitude
Mindfulness for Resilience in Challenging Times
In challenging times, it's human nature to become lost in troubling thoughts and difficult emotions. It is easy for anxiety, fear, loneliness and mistrust to overtake us, especially if we are feeling isolated or vulnerable. In this workshop, participants learn how to build resilience and gain a sense of peace and stability in the midst of turbulence, through mindfulness meditation.
60 minutes
The depression woman think something at home
Mental Health Awareness
These workshops aim to open the conversation of mental health at work at both employee and manager level. We help people to recognise signs of mental health problems and give them tools to look after their own mental wellbeing as well as support others. By increasing the knowledge, skills and confidence in dealing with mental health issues, the whole team will become better equipped to support each other.
60 minutes
happy employee
Managing Stress in Uncertain Times
Most people experience stress at some point in their lives, and we may now, more than ever, feel higher levels of emotional pressure. Here, we discuss what stress is, how it can impact us and the specific challenges we may face currently around the pandemic. Become proactive when managing stress and get back a feeling of control.
60 minutes
Digital Wellbeing
Digital Wellbeing Whilst Social Distancing
Technology has many positives like instant access to information and connectivity to our friends, families, and work colleagues. But technology can also negatively affect our wellbeing. This workshop shows how to prevent digital distraction and overwhelm whilst remote working and, by setting boundaries, how to get the most our of your digital use whilst protect your wellbeing during social distancing and self-isolation.
60 minutes
wellbeing working from home
Working from Home Successfully
With home working being deployed for most office workers, we help employees learn to adapt and stay healthy and productive in this new environment. We'll cover the practical elements of creating a routine, avoiding distractions and defining your space along with how best to fuel yourself, assess your workstation and keep your body in check.
60 minutes
sleep workshops
Sleep Matters Wellbeing workshop
Getting enough sleep is essential for good health but is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve. These highly entertaining and educational workshops are a fascinating mix of science and practical advice that give employees the knowledge and support they need to get a better nights sleep.
60/90 minutes
resizeCanva - Happy attractive senior woman in a flowerfield
Menopause Awareness
A really informative workshop, not just for menopausal women but for everyone in the workplace. By increasing everyone’s understanding of the menopause we can make a once taboo subject an everyday conversation and the workplace to become a more supportive environment. We cover menopause facts and myths along with physical and psychological menopausal symptoms and how they can have an impact on work. Easy to understand with practical advice for people to help themselves or parents, partners and colleagues.
60 minutes
help the environment in work
Act on Climate Change
Anxiety over climate change is rising. Give employees the power to act and positively impact the environment. At its core, climate action comes down to doing MORE of some things and LESS of others. This workshop will inspire you with relevant actions you can do more or less of, enabling you to make an impact now.
60 minutes
happy team at work
Mindful Communication and Conflict Resolution
In this workshop, you'll learn what mindfulness is and how it can help us to regulate our emotions that often impact relationships with others. Learn mindfulness skills and techniques that not only help you improve communication, but can also prevent and resolve conflict with others.
60 minutes
working from home
The Importance of Connecting
We are, by nature, social creatures and social isolation has an effect on us both physically and mentally. Increased anxiety and depression, disturbed sleep, and a reduced immune system are just a few things we may face. This workshop seeks to reassure employees of what feelings are normal and how to deal with. Practical tips help you stay connected during social distancing.
60 minutes

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