Poor posture can occur due to a variety of factors. In the typical workplace, poor posture habits such as incorrect sitting position and desk set up, and repetitive movements or positons, can bring the body out of good postural alignment. This is turn can cause tension and pain, RSI, headaches and eye strain. By bringing awareness to these causes of bad posture we can begin to address the physical problems that occur.

The Workshop

This fun and interactive workshop teaches techniques you can use on a daily basis to help prevent injury and improve posture. Following a posture analysis, you’ll learn simple but effective stretching and strengthening exercises that reduce the strain on over worked and tired muscles.

We also look at how your workstation set up can affect your posture and lead to discomfort or injury. We outline how simple changes can make the difference between good and bad posture and show you how to apply practical changes.

How you’ll benefit

Attending a posture workshop will help you achieve:

  • Improved posture
  • Less stress on joints, ligaments and muscles
  • Prevent injury
  • Less aches and pains
  • Easier and deeper breathing
Who is this workshop for?

Employees of any level who would like to learn how to improve their posture and ease posture related aches and pains

Workshop length

60 mins

Workshop size

Up to 20 people


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