As professional life can take up the majority of our ‘awake time’, we may be spending more time with work colleagues than with friends or family members. This time spent with work colleagues, and the personalities that make up your work ‘team’, ‘office’ or professional set up, can sometimes be challenging as we try to forge relationships with people whose cooperation we depend on. Learning to understand and react appropriately to different personalities and opinions leads to a more cohesive and successful team.

The Workshop

In this workshop, we take a mindfulness approach to relationship building and show you how to understand and negotiate any tensions that may arise due to personality or opinion differences.

Using mindfulness techniques, tools and exercises we help you to re-frame thoughts and deal with workplace conversations, interactions and situations to achieve the best possible outcomes.

How you’ll benefit

Being able to recognise and negotiate these differences brings about much stronger relationships with colleagues and, as a result better team cooperation leading to:

  • Calmer and happier working environment
  • Better relationships with colleagues
  • Improved team communication
  • Stronger and more productive team
  • Less stress
  • More job satisfaction
Who is this workshop for?

Teams who would like to unsteand how to work together build

Workshop length

Half Day

Workshop size

Up to 20 people


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