A popular and effective way to increase awareness and promote
health and wellbeing initiatives across your organisation

 Wellbeing DAYS & Programmes

Wellbeing days at work can create a real impact and are one of the top ranking initiatives that encourage employees to think about their own health and wellbeing. Kick off your long term wellbeing campaign with a wellbeing day or week, or stage a one off event to generate awareness and to show employees you are committed to improving their wellbeing. For a more sustained approach, we can provide an annual programme where we stage a series of smaller events across the year choosing a different focus point each time. What ever your needs, we’ll help you to create an engaging programme of events that are bespoke to your organisation.

What might my wellbeing day look like?

You can choose any combination of services for your wellbeing day.
Here are some examples of wellbeing day activity programmes.

 Promoting Mental Health Awareness

  • AM: Mental Health Awareness for Managers Workshop
    PM: Mental Health Awareness for Employees Workshop

  • 10AM – 5PM: 48 x 15 minute chair massages

  • AM: 90 minute Stress Management workshop
    PM: 8 x 30 minute one to one coaching sessions

  • AM: 90 minute Introduction to Mindfulness workshop
    PM: 8 x 30 minute group mindfulness practices

  • 10AM – 2PM: 4 x 75 minute laughter yoga sessions

  • 10AM – 5PM: Yoga or Pilates sessions running throughout the day

Promoting Physical Health Awareness

  • AM: 90 minute Nutrition for Health workshop
    PM: Tasting table with drop in advice from a nutritionist

  • 10AM – 5PM: 48 x 15 minute chair massages

  • 10AM – 5PM: 45 minute fitness classes running throughout the day

  • AM: Sleep Wellbeing workshop
    PM: Drop in advice sessions with the sleep specialist

  • 10AM – 5.30PM: 48 x On Site Health Checks

  • 10AM – 2PM: 11 x 20 minute Desk Yoga sessions

All Round Physical, Social and Mental Wellbeing

  • Nutritionist on site with tasting table, live demos and drop in advice service

  • 10AM – 5PM: 36 x 10 minute chair massages

  • Half day of Posture workshops

  • AM: 2 x 90 minute Digital Wellbeing workshops
    PM: 2 x 90 minute How To Save The Planet workshops

  • 10AM – 5.30PM: 24 x On Site Health Checks

  • Half day of Singing or Creative workshops

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