Inspiring workshops covering all aspects of wellbeing from our
team of Wellness experts
Mental Health First Aid

One and two day certificated courses with MHFA England approved instructors.

Mental Health Awareness for Managers
Mental Health Awareness for Managers

Training managers to recognise mental health issues at work

Mental Health Awareness for Employees
Mental Health Awareness

Understand what mental health is, coping strategies and how to support colleagues

Mindfulness for Workplace Resilience

8 hour course teaching how to use mindfulness to manage stress and develop resilience.

Stress Management Workshop
Stress Management Workshop

Raise awareness about what stress is, how to recognise it and how to manage it effectively.

Sleep Wellbeing
Sleep Wellbeing

A fascinating mix of science and practical advice that gives knowledge and support to promote better sleep

Nutrition and Health Eating Workshops
Nutrition and Health Eating Workshop

One of the core elements of a workplace wellbeing programme is nutrition.

Desk Yoga Workshop
Desk Yoga Workshop

Combat the effects of sitting for long periods by practising stretches and strengthening exercises at your desk.

Introduction to Mindfulness
Introduction to Mindfulness

Learn what mindfulness is and how we can benefit from its day to day practice.

Posture Workshops

Learn how to analyse your posture and apply practical improvements to prevent discomfort and injury.

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